We have office in area where good quality cotton agriculture covered biggest land in India. This region is also surrounded with biggest and advance machine set-ups spinning mills and we are associated with them to get the good quality yarns for exports market as per customer requirements.

We can supply different kind of cotton yarn counts as per customer specifications and also can develop new fancy yarns with spinning mills


We are working with India's leading cotton manufacturing companies and making finest quality 100% cotton shirting & suiting fabric supply to Indian and export market. We have ability to supply 50,000 to 1,00,000 meters per month by making quality production with different premium mills. We always keeps our client updated with new product developments in shirting fabrics like Antimicrobial Finish, Oil and water repillent finish, Orgarnic shirting fabrics etc.

We have our own weaving machines setup and also working with various mills and suppling below fabrics

Grey Shirting & Suiting Fabrics, Yarn Dyed Shirting & Suiting Fabrics, Piece Dyed Shirting & Suiting Fabrics.

We are working on stock lot fabrics dealing also, our valuable clients are taking the benefit to buy stock lot fabrics with very competitive prices every month from us. if any stock lot fabric requirements available then we can work our with best price.


We can supply good quality different size bed linen fabric and ready bed sheets as per customer requirements, we are connected with various production units and continuously making the fabrics for our clients.

Towel and Napkins also our hot products that customer is demanding more now a days. we have different qualities and sizes available in stock to sell and also we can make production  as per buyer's specification and supply if minimum one container order.


We are producing handkerchief for various brands in India and supplying on regular basis. We have our own brand in handkerchief name "Cotton Galaxy" and producing good quality product with combed cotton yarn on owe own weaving machines.

We are also searching good wholesalers and distributors in different states of India on monopoly basis, Please contact us with your interest and we will be happy to work together


We are associated with different garment manufacturing units to get better quality for premium shirts and trousers in 100% cotton and cotton rich fabrics. Customers are happy with our quality and we are also supplying to wholesalers with our own brand name "Cotton Galaxy" and we can also work with our client on job work basis if order is in quantity.


Men's Boxers are available for sale only in bulk quantity to wholesalers. We can produce different styles in boxers as per client requirements.